SAMP Addon v2.4 (correções para o SAMP)

Atualizado 20/11/18
Mais correções de bugs e crashes. Lista completa atualizada.
Em questões de números, este mod já faz mais coisa do que SilentPatch e MixSets juntos!

Um mod que é um absurdo quando o assunto é corrigir e melhorar o SA-MP.

Quase 500 correções e melhorias para o SA-MP.
Incluem de tudo, até mesmo aumentar FPS, melhorar o ping, anti-crash, correções de segurança, novos modelos etc etc...

Se você joga SA-MP, é obrigatório ter este mod instalado!

Tudo o que o mod faz:

Desculpe mas não vou traduzir a lista... é grande demais...

Clique para abrir a lista

It's possible now on SA-MP 0.3DL to connect to 0.3.7 servers!
Fixed crash with reason SA-MP: FrameNode name was too long. SA-MP must exit.
Fixed security exploit when you can change server loaded files!
Fixed game freeze and loaded files check (OnPlayerFinishedDownloading) after reconnect
Fixed bug when you reconnect with class selector menu
Fixed corona reflections
Fixed bad size aim texture
Fixed broken break object animation
Fixed samp bug when destroyed vehicle doesn't send info to server about destroy
Fixed keyboard OnPlayerKeyState lag and improved syncronization in many players stream
Fixed /save in spectator
Fixed samp bug when object move on low distance doesn't work on high FPS
Better vehicle number plate quality
Decreased killchat size on small resolutions <=1280
Fixed dialog draw on left near caption

More FPS In SA-MP:
Deleted SAMP sleep delay every frame, it increase ~10 perfomance FPS!
Fixed low fps in centre of map if you deleted objects RemoveBuildingForPlayer
Optimisation of player's nicks, 3DTextLabels, dialogs, killchat, F5 and objects algoritms (7/DL)
Fixed game brake lag from chat message (only DL)
Standart SAMP FPS limit increased to 120, but no more, there are many high FPS bugs exist
Fixed SAMP bug when FPS drops in some interiors
Vehicle models no more unloaded from memory after disconnect (7/DL)
Fixed SAMP bug caused low FPS in some places due to RemoveBuildingForPlayer (7/DL)
FPS Optimization of GetPlayerCameraTarget (only DL)
Ping decreased average by 4 (from 0 to 8 (from 0 to 2 in DL))

Bugs fix SA-MP:
Adjust the brightness in SA-MP
Error SA-MP non-working some types of weapons
SA-MP bug improper display of a parachute (when install mod parachute) (SAMPGraphicRestore)
SA-MP bug removes the fire on the ground after death
Mouse right click on map in sa-mp
SA-MP objects in sniper scope
Drawing 2 times TXD font type 5
Fixed samp bug when player can move after death and lost weapon sound
Change language Alt+Shift doesn't prees Shift and player doesn't jump
Fixed player shoot when you reopen dialog and close dialog/Tab/F6 while pressing mouse
Fixed bug when you can teleport to transport if you can't seat as passenger
Stunt no more give money
Stunt text now shows on TextDraws
Deleted non working Option - Esc - Options - Display Setup - HUD Mode
Alt+Enter - doesn't press Enter
TogglePlayerControllable doesn't freeze camera
TogglePlayerControllable Invincible deleted
Fixed TogglePlayerControllable bug grenades, C4 and fire has removed
Fixed other driver's radio animation when you change radio
If you press Esc in server dialog game Esc menu will not opened
Fixed different width of health bar and armor bar
Breaked objects 1269 1270 doesn't drop money
Fixed caddy can give golf club weapon
Fixed samp bug camera attached to object in spectator can glitch if server works more than 10 days
Returned collision to RC vehicles
Fixed vertical synchronization of sniper, rocket and camera
Fixed random death in spectator
Fixed SAMP bug when you can't connect to server after disconnect
Fixed SAMP bug sound noise if you disabled wind sound with PlayerPlaySound
Fixed SAMP bug alpha channel and lighting problems with objects draw distance >300.0
SA-MP bug will display a cursor in Windows 8 (old versions)
SA-MP bug camera passing through the created objects outside world (on old versions)
Fixed pickups doesn't work far from the map
Fixed pickups has bad precision coords
Fixed bug when fist doesn't work outside on map
Fixed samp bug when some interiors lost objects
Fixed sun effect works through SAMP objects
Fixed icons in Esc - Map start draw after several seconds
Fixed game bug - when player press H with hydraulics others players hears beep sound, it also fixed stuck sound after disable vehicle alarm
Fixed samp bug when tuning, parachute and cleo scripts stops work

Fixed server objects interaction bugs:
Removed jetpack no more created under objects
Molotov and vehicle explodes and other explodes works on objects
Camera doesn't pass through objects in vehicle at speed
SetPlayerCheckpoint works on objects
Details of breaked objects don't fly through objects
Non-working dust effect under the helicopter over objects
SetPlayerPosFindZ works on objects
Animation fall parachute when you jump on object
Bug game gives parachute if you leave plane on object
Bug you can't use jetpack on object
Non-working rain spray effect on objects

Crashfix SA-MP:
SA-MP bug causing to crash on startup at addresses 0x0040FB80 and 0x006F5636
SA-MP bug causing to crash when tuning vehicle in textdraw menu
SA-MP bug causing to crash when opening map
SA-MP bug causing to crash when creating objects garage doors
SA-MP bug when changing skin while player enter a vehicle and causing crash
Incompatibility SA-MP 0.3.7 and StreamMemoryFix and old version of Asi Loader and caused crash at 0x005B8E75
Incompatibility outfit weapons with SAMP (OutFitFix.asi)
Fixed crash on exit on some systems
0x00544BC8 & 0x00415D47 CreateObject crash
0x0074DA25 with bad OnPlayerRequestSpawn
0x0064F73B delete vehicle when player try to sit

SA-MP 0.3.7/DL changes:
You can select player in Tab with 0-9 buttons
Fixed bug when same message in F6 chat saved to chat history
F9 killchat disable now saved to samp.cfg
Added autowriting to dialogs and select listitem from dialog history
F7 Chat disable now turn off killchat and textdraw
Added F7 Chat disable without turning off game interface
Fixed drawing order of nicks and 3DTextLabels
Fixed health and armor bars
Fixed nick's size when you change game resolution
Fixed mouse set on screen center when you reopen dialogs
Connection restart when your connection rejected as unacceptable nickname (for situatuation when your game crash or you losted connection and kicked because you still in game)
Enter key in Tab menu work as double click on player
Fixed arrow keys don't work in Tab menu
Changed color of selection in menu and scroll
Cursor now use alpha channel and use cursor.png
Fixed cursor wasn't at the screenshots
Added restart to crash dialog
Time is not displayed in empty message with timestamp
Fixed bad font size after change resolution
Light type chat in F7 removed and can be enabled in sa-mp.cfg - chattype=1
Increased dialog symbol size limit +500
Fixed bug when some game keys work in Tab menu
Increased pagesize limit to 30
Deleted load delay on start
Deleted delay on exit
Fixed bug you can't use several TXD in TextDrawCreate with long name >10 symbols
SA-MP objects in sniper scope, rocket launcher and camera
Increased count of warnings to 100 before crash
Fix crash on start in guest windows account (samp.dll guest ver)
Tab position will not change when players enter&exits from server
Fixed chat scroll position when you press PageUp/PageDown in Tab or menu dialog
Increased speed of ping check of list servers
HD ico
Bigger size of server properties dialog
Fixed focus on dialog in Tab, F5 & F10
Fixed bug when you can open chat F6 in Tab, F5 & F10
Fixed bug Skimmer and Vortex in water call OnVehicleDeath
Fixed player lag when player aim, it also improves weapon aim sync
Fixed samp bug camera can sometimes move to other place in CameraLookAt move mode
Fixed wrong width space tabs in dialogs
Removed double nextline in chatlog.txt
F10 disabled textdraws and nicks
Nicks, 3DTextLabels, killchat, chat and interface draws in right order
Fixed 3DTextLabel draws on nick and too high on players
Fixed 3DTextLabels draw in spectator
Fixed sit animation synchronization
Increased killchat X position, if nick length is big - killchat X position will be decreased

SA-MP 0.3.7/DL crashfix:
Fixed crash dialog bug with scroll
Fixed bugs and crashes in RemoveBuildingForPlayer, limit now 100k, same RemoveBuildingForPlayer's will not reach limit
Fixed memory leak and crash on start with page heap
Fixed incompatibility with defective mods caused crash on exit
Fixed SAMP bug caused crash from tff bug when you use SelectObject

Improves SA-MP:
All graphics modes (eg. ENB) display graphics correctly (SAMPGraphicRestore)
Disable pause in Esc and when minimized
Game menu transparent
Removing unnecessary sections of the menu
Returned player shadows disabled in SA-MP
Ability to run multiple SAMP clients
In SA-MP appears when typing input language (Setting can be disabled in installation)
New interface dialogs SA-MP and the cursor (Setting can be disabled in installation)
Possibility of replacing timecyc
High Quality Lights Mod works in SA-MP
Exception handler crashlog show more information: asi plugins, cleo, sf plugins, enb or sobeit installed, library where crash happened and backtrace
File disablefpslimit.txt in game folder will disable sa-mp fps limit on every version of sa-mp
Removed several buttons in right click menu on executable icon
Deleted wind sound on connect
Player now dies instead of teleport when player falls under the ground, it's changed to decrease false positives teleport anticheat (to disable you need to create enablefallteleport.txt in game folder)
Deleted SAMP icons from Esc - Map - Map legend
Option - Esc - Display Setup - Subtitles - deleted in SAMP
Camera state V Key are saved, setting controller setup to default will reset camera V state
Interface will not disabled if you don't control player some time

SA-MP 0.3.7/DL samp.img:
Fixed bug you can't install mods to skin 163-166
Fixed bug skin 300-302 and some objects become bugged when you install mods

More FPS:
Game now support other monitor hz (100hz 144hz etc)
Optimization of physic engine. It will add 5-10% to FPS in cpu load place and 20% in big cpu load place near 200 players!
Optimization of coronas and coronas road reflection
Number of shadows from objects reduced to 12 to reduce the load on the graphics card
Optimization CPU of world shadows
Lowered particles count
Vehicle distance decreased to 50 on 1'st level effects setting
Decreased water wave distance on 1'st level effects setting
Keyboard input latency decreased by one frame
FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING flag has been removed from IMG reading functions - speeding up streaming
Optimization of occlusions, more fps in some places

Fixed FPS issues:
Fixed game bug when you can't strafe with high FPS
Fixed speed of clouds and weather smoke on high fps
Fixed bug when bicycle stuck in the air on high fps
GTA bug speed of swim and hp blink with high fps
FPS speed break object speed bug
Screen glitches when break glass on high FPS
Weather flash lighting FPS speed bug
Low damage when you don't have oxygen on high FPS
Rotate parachute Speed FPS bug
Fixed bug Fire Extinguisher and Flamethrower effect don't work with high FPS
Fixed game bug different speed of attack spraycan on different FPS
Fixed slow world shadows update on low FPS
Fixed radar icon on air runway on high FPS
Fixed bad sound of wind, rain and swim on high FPS
Fixed start speed of helicopters on high FPS
Fixed firetruck and swat water attack on high FPS
Fixed Skimmer speed on water on high FPS
Fixed weapon fire, rocket, flash rocket and fire flash lighting FPS speed bug
Fixed bug there were many particle effects on high FPS
Fixed bug car quickly stops on high FPS
Fixed bug sniper rifle doens't work on high FPS
Fixed bug water creaters animation on high FPS
You can jump high on bike on high FPS
When player head move fast if head move enabled in SAMP on high FPS
Slow camera move in vehicle on high FPS
Flash sun effect speed on high FPS

Increase the range of drawing objects and transport
Increased quality mirrors
Improved font text on road signs
Enabled texture filtering numbers of cars in a single game
Texture filtering is turned on low settings
Radar textures support mipmaps
Low-quality shadows of transport and players on low settings removed
Water texture & aim cursor use anisotropic filtration and support mipmaps
Water texture from addon with mipmaps (models/particle4.txd)
Road Reflections Fix
Increased quality of shadows
Lights now get casted on vehicles and peds properly (up to 8 lights) (samp neon has more then 8 light at will not stack)
High Quality Light Mod and texture of tires on the road repacked using mipmaps
Increased range of display lighting lights
Removed low-quality transport of light shade
Increased display time traces of tires
Weapons and a jetpack now cast proper shadows
Muzzle flash looks better now
Fonts now support mipmaps
Fixed bad object loading in air
Increased distance of birds
Increased checkpoint draw distance
Deep water land and clouds texture uses mipmap, you need mipmaps in particle.txd
Quality cursors fronten_pc.txd crosshair and fronten1.txd arrow

Autooptions on start
Faster launching
Standard game settings set correct and to maximum
Changing parameter settings Antialiasing is immediate
Disabled monitor select dialog (option)
Support for all monitor resolutions in a single game
Increased the number of frames in a single game on fps limit
If you change the painting in tuning vehicles no longer change the foreground color to white
Reduced loading time of objects and radar textures
The rear lights are switched off individually
Enhanced cursor approximation map in Esc
Anti-Aliasing option has been altered - instead of listing 1, 2, 3 options (which in fact are 2x/2x/4x MSAA), the game will now show proper MSAA values from 2x up to 16x (depending on max MSAA level supported by the graphics card)
SA-MP exception handler crashlog now works in singleplayer
2 additional mouse buttons (XMouse1 & XMouse2) now works in menu as Enter & Esc (option)
Icons and player cursor transparency near icons
Stunt text shows on monitor more time
Some car panels now swing after car's explosion (like they were meant to be but the code forcibly fixed them immediately after damaging)
When jetpack removed pickup appears further from the player and smaller in size
If you enter to vehicle while burning fire vehicle will not explode
Weather flash lighting is not so bright
The object's effects are no longer disabled on other object's angles
Fountain noise is reduced
Neon lighting can be combined on surrounding objects
If radio disabled, text [Radio off] will not display when you enter to vehicle
Deleted delay after Z on map
Decreased water sound

Added monitor number to video card list
When you use 2'nd monitor, resolution on 1'st monitor doesn't get bugged
When you select monitor it's autoselect maximum resolution
When you select resolution it's autoselect widescreen parameter
Game icon now shows in task bar, also dialog is updated

Audio plugin from incognito for SA-MP:
Fast connection
Volume depends on game volume
Optimization of files check
Fixed bug with only 10 connections
Fixed bug sometimes audio plugin doesn't start
Fixed connect if you write - and / in nick
Fixed lost packets
Fixed bug if you disable radio game start play emergency vehicle radio
Fixed bug volume of 3D sound depending on distance
Fixed bug Audio plugin was sleep when connecting to radio

Bugs fix:
GameExplorer disabled due problems at game start - game can start slowly or doesn't start, this also happens with some other games
SA will not longer turn off Aero effect in windows 7
Nonworking 16 bit resolutions removed on Windows 10
Removed brakes from the effects of dust
Stuck cursor in the upper left corner of the screen when you minimize the game
Bugs of textures in the interior after the minimize of the game
Hang mouse on some systems
Encreased memory use for correcting texture mapping of the world and transport
Increase the limit of lighting effects, explosions and projectiles
Flickers of textures
Error GTA when fire didn't do damage
Vertical mouse sensitivity when aiming
Black roads
Error GTA improper display color of water
Map control in ESC
Quality parameters and effects mode radar settings are switched to the left and right properly
Fixed vehicle tail light turning off when the camera is rotated to the side
No replacement 2 wheels at the 6-wheeled vehicle with tuning
Crosshair doesn't mess up weapon icon when on a jetpack anymore
Thomas the Tank Engine interior does not dissapear when viewed through the glass door panel
Toggling car lights on does not make windows invisible when viewed from inside anymore
Vehicle lights do not get dark after being being initially lit anymore
Vehicle components does not get bugged after it has been fixed anymore
Weapons are now visible when viewed through a vehicle window
Holding a weapon will not cause some objects to be incorrectly light anymore
Muzzle flash will now show up when firing the last bullet from the clip
Colliding with another car will now damage proper parts on both cars - previously, both cars got damaged the same way
Fixed sun lens flare effect not appearing with AMD/Intel graphics cards
Transparency on the edges in sniper scope
Height of the tire tracks
Vehicle headlights lags
Game cursor, moon, width of icons, markers, and player cursor on map has right width on HD resolutions
Added disable XBox panel on Win10
Fixed an issue introducing graphical artifacts from ped animations with high RAM usage - so called "streaming memory bug" (from Silent & The Hero)
Radio station off now saves to config, you don't need to turn the radio volume off
Fixed bug when you can die while crouching wall
Fixed bug when you can die if was get out from vehicle by new driver
IMGs bigger than 4GB are now handled properly
Quadruple Stunt Bonus now works correctly
Disabled the radio station changing when entering in a tuning garage
Parachute Animation Fix
Fixed non working mirror in some angles
Fixed bug antialising doesn't changed if you set default video parameters
Fixed setting to 5hp when you damaged on bike
Fixed game bug when oxygen instantly restored in vehicle
Game in window mode no more topmost
Now if your game will lagsleep game will not block mouse after Alt+Ctrl+Del
Fixed slow world shadows update on low FPS
Fixed game bug you can see through walls with rocket launcher
Descreased angle of doors to fix collision problems
Fixed game bug when pickups does not render on the edge of the screen
Fixed game bug when vehicle light doesn't render on the edge of the screen
Fixed game bug when procedural grass does not render on the edge of the screen
Game now uses 32 bit (24/8) ZBuffer on 16bit resolution, it fixes 16bit graphic glitches
Fixed LV police object bad render problem
Windows parameter swap mouse buttons now works
Fixed bug teleport after exit from Sweeper
Fixed game bug when mouse can move outsite monitor with several monitors
Idle camera don't work in menu and chat (for SAMP 0.3.7 and 0.3DL Idle camera is return)
Fixed game bug when checkpoints doesn't render on the edge of the screen
Objects and grass are rendered in right order, it fixes some of alpha bugs
Option - Esc - Display Setup - Advanced - Mip mapping - deleted, it doens't work
Texture anisotopy and mirrow quality changes immediately after effects quality change
Fixed game bug helicopter and airplane engine sound exist after engine stop

Direct Play no longer needed on Windows 10
Game can run without sound/audiocard
Minimizing on Windows 10
Crash at long game and consumption of large memory game
Errors causing GTA game crashes at 0x004F02D3 and associated with sound
Errors causing GTA game crashes when transport don't support tuning 0x007F0BF7 0x007F120E
Crashes in interiors
Crash when installing mods on high distance
Crash in the fall Player
Crash Ctrl+Alt+Del
Crash 0x00571A00
0x004AB564 0x0061A5C5 0x0070FB39 with many players streamed
Run the game no longer freezing when locked gta3.img (happens when you install mods)
Crashes with established curves effects
A heap corruption in one place is now fixed
If the game freezes while load textures & models game unfreeze after several seconds
If game freezed game exit
Nonexistent Files crashes 0x004AA4C8 0x005DC425 0x004C4576 0x006F7524 0x0156329D
Game isn't responding if game tries to load txd that doesn't exist, if models\coll\peds.col or gxt is corrupted
If game tries to read nonexistent file .dat .ide .col .ipl and crash - crash dialog now shows this file
GTA bug caused crash at 0x00826360 when you use bugged timecyc.dat & popcycle.dat
Crash 0x0071A708 if you try print bad message on screen
GTA bug caused crash at 0x004D1750 & 0x005E5815
Half fixed crash 0x007F18CF
Half fixed crash 0x00749B7B
Addon restore some of lost files
Game bug crash if game try load nonexist sa-ufiles.dat
audio files damaged 0x004DFE92 0x004F0EBA 0x004F0E1C 0x004DFF90
0x006FE144 if texture roadsignfont2 doesn't exist
0x0053388E if game can't create 2D effect
0x005D5CA2 texture vehiclegrunge256 wrong format
Crash when entering advanced display options on 2'nd monitor if count of resolutions on 2'nd monitor greater then on 1'st
Bugs & crash if game try set non-existent resolution after maximize (possible via DSR)
0x005D9A9B Vehicle effects crash
0x005DD97C on start without plant1.txd
0x0070F9CA in interior with mirror
half fix 0x007ECABB RwStreamRead
0x004F1464 run nonexistent radio or radio on Steam version of the game
0x007F39FB read nonexistent txd
0x006FD525 nonexistent platecharset in vehicle.txd
0x004C87B6 nonexistent white in particle.txd
0x007F3825 delete nonexistent txd
0x005B6B2F bad carcols.dat
0x004F153A & 0x004D9880 if audio/config files doesn't exist
Instead of freeze if game try read nonexistent file in IDE game now exit with reason
0x004D46AE animation
0x00705D48 0x007F9533 0x007F7C82 0x007F777B when system go hibernate/sleep mode
0x007C91CC with skin mods
half fix 0x007324B6 with bad OnPlayerRequestSpawn
0x0074533E & 0x00745393 if game haven't enough memory when you save screenshot with camera
0x00523E6B caused by vehicles
0x0048C3A9 with bad animation
0x007FFF12 missing textures in some mods
0x00557CEA when you create object crane 1382
0x00746929 on start
0x004C53A6 with bad FrameNode name in DFF
0x00529967 crash if you create object near garage
Fixed SAMP bug caused gliches and crash on 0x0156AA19
0x00728365 without textures with some mods
0x006EB628 & 0x006EB670 without water textures waterclear256 и waterwake
0x004C8F24 when many vehicles in stream
Fixed an issue which would cause games to freeze if III/VC/SA were running at the same time

Fixes in other mods:
Fixes crashes in Normal Map (NormalMapFix.asi)
Rusyoke mod shell crash (ShellFix.asi)
Incompatible of Rusyoke outfit and SilentPatch
Crash when vehicle was recreated and cleo speedometer installed
Incompatible SAMPFUNCS with SilentPatch caused crash on start
Crash in 1'st version of Insanity Vegetation
0x00827F6E on start with bad ini with InterdaceEditor
0x0072CD14 on death with distance mods
III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.asi optimization
Setting IMFX bUseSAMP enables auto, there is no auto check for samp in IMFX
map.asi renames if you have not 0.3.7R1, bcz this mods crashes on other samp ver
Searchlights.asi renames if you have DL, bcz this mods crashes on this samp ver

O resumo da lista toda é: Muitas melhorias e correções de crashes e bugs, não só relacionados com o SAMP, mas também com o jogo em si, onde muitas coisas são úteis para o singleplayer/offline.
Note que várias correções também estão em outros mods, como Mix Sets e SilentPatch, mas em geral não deverá causar incompatibilidades caso você tenha mods que façam as mesmas coisas (mas ainda pode causar incompatibilidade com outros mods, é claro).
E ele também já inclui outros mods, como SAMP Graphic Restore. É como um pack de mods, mas com muita coisa em primeira mão.

Se você é dono de um servidor: Siga estes passos para corrigir possíveis problemas.
Nota: O Windows, anti-virus etc pode tentar bloquear a instalação, mas você pode confiar, o autor é confiável, criou outros mods como correções aos mods do Ryosuke839. É um autor de nome (ou não):

‎Autor: nonamenoname

Instalador / Installer

O mod adiciona e substitui muitos arquivos, até mesmo asi loader, bass.dll, mouse por um feio, e o próprio gta_sa.exe (ou seja, você o perderá caso você tenha aumentado o limite de RAM do GTA SA; no download compactado abaixo não substitui ele).
Baixar a versão compactada pode ser melhor para você ter a visão de quais arquivos você está instalando, escolher qual instalar e facilitar a desinstalação.
No entanto o instalador automático também possibilita a desinstalação pelo painel de controle do Windows (mesmo que eu não recomende pois pode remover mais arquivos do que você queira.

Compactado / Compacted

(eu não incluí o gta_sa.exe no download)

Caso você optar pelo compactado ao invés do instalador, você não terá:
  • In SA-MP appears when typing input language (?)
  • Instalação do Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
  • Não poderá desativar a seleção de monitor (SilentPatch faz isso)
  • Não poderá aplicar os 2 botões adicionais do mouse como Enter e Esc.
  • Não poderá ativar e desativar o limite de FPS do SAMP.
  • Não poderá desativar o anti-pause.
  • Não checará pela correta versão do SAMP (samp.img e samp.dll).
  • Não terá como desinstalar o mod pelo painel de controle do Windows.

Veja também:
SAMP Graphic Restore (incluído)
Crash Fix
Anti Crasher (parcialmente incluído)
Mix Sets (algumas coisas incluídas)
SilentPatch (algumas coisas incluídas)
Download quebrado?
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Dê ideias de mods para GTA aqui.
É proibido discutir política, ideologias e religião aqui. Isto é um site de jogos, não facebook.
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