[SA/SA:DE/Mobile] SFDP Heli Fix (helicóptero da polícia de SF)

 Pequeno mod CLEO que corrige o helicóptero errado na delegacia de polícia de San Fierro.
Originalmente o GTA SA erroneamente usou o Maverick (civil) em vez da variação (“polmav”).
Diferente da versão anteriormente postada aqui, esta é compatível com fastman92 limit adjuster (antes o mod causava crash com o limite de veículos estacionados dele).
Adaptado para SA clássico, SA The Definitive Edition e SA mobile (Android/iOS).
Nota: SA:DE ainda pode receber novos patches oficiais, se algum patch mudar drasticamente o “mainv1.scm”, este mod pode funcionar incorretamente, mas é pouco provável.
‎Autor: Junior_Djjr
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    • yup, definitive edition is good. it just gets hate because of the so called “bugs” alot of it got patched a long time ago dont know why people still say these non existent bugs anymore just to cope up with the fact that they’re pc cant run definitive edition, so they hate DE just to feel a little better

      • Nope, The Defective Edition is not a proper remaster, and that’s why people don’t like this version, because everthing is terrible! The controls are awful, the characters looks ugly, the cars, peds and everything else spawning from nowhere is just terrible, they cut content and use the mobile version for this “remaster” one of the worst port ever. Why not using the best version? The original one? The PS2 version?! Idk. I hate this game because is only for milking more $$$ from the fans, it’s not a good game, but still playable and an alternative for the classics. Btw, not everyone likes to modding their game and remember! Console players have a hard time when “mod” is not an friendly option. Also, I don’t want to say more about all the problems this game have, but one of the worst is the imerssion and lore breaking with reused textures and models from GTA V. So what’s good on this “remaster”? UE4. Not the game itself and that’s sad.

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