[MUSICA] Young Maylay – Grove St. 2014

Vou deixando aqui rapidinho uma música nova do Young Maylay (CJ) em homenagem ao clássico GTA SA
Vocês já devem conhecer uma outra antiga e super rodada, mas essa não

Nada melhor que jogar um GTA SA sem mods (ou com mods que não tira a originalidade) e ouvindo essa música não?

Clique para ver a letra da música:
Turn it up bump the beat
G. R. O. V. E. St 2X’s

Im from grove st keep a green rag on me Los Santos OG

Homie im from grove st everybody know the name and G.R.O.V.E is the gang

The G The R The O The V The E The S The T Grove St

18.5 m 61ft fucc a punk mickey mouse Mayne its GROVE St

So They got the OG CJ from San Andreas yep GTA

You are now rolling on the best party bus in Norway, from the top to the bottom of the floor mayne

Interior decked out big motor and sound system, tell’em turn it up loud listen

The G The R The O The V The E The S
The T Grove st 2x’s

Im a OG from Grove St green rag on me, jeans sags clean tats both sleeves

GSF Grove St Family’s Balla’s is the enemies, and naw they can’t stand me

Big Smoke Ryder or my older brother Sweet, had guns we was shooting off our shoulders in the street

The police was Ten Penny and Pulaski harass me, you really wanna get me have to catch me

high speed chases loseing the cops, they shootin at me from a barricade refusing to stop

3 or 4 stars nothing for a nigga mayne, out a stolen car into another one and get away

Where im from its drug dealing and prostitution, everyday im on a mission with lots of shooting

Im good guy but come from a bad place, its all about the green like the rag on my face

The G The R The O The V The E The S The T 2x’s

Im from Grove St everybody know the name and G.R.O.V.E is the gang

Im from the grove where the police ul come, and try to plant dope on the homies we run

Know all the hiding spots but number one rule, dont run to the safe house until it get cool

dude’s cooking rocks had yay on the stove, but CJ made em run away from the grove

I had helicopters hovering its nothing when you working with the government” and all the bitches in the hood loving it

Started on a bicycle rose in the ranks, got a fresh hair cut bought some clothes and im straight

Hit set banging hard, first enemy CJ see pull the piece then he spray the car

Balla’s, police and vagos’s shootin at me, bullet holes is in my clothes through the khakis

Another High speed right in ya face, crash survive the chase but get life on the case

The G The R The O The V The E The The S The T Grove St 2x’s

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